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來自Trey Parker與Matt Stone向中國的正式道歉 就跟NBA一樣,我們非常歡迎中國式和諧深入我們的家園與心中。 我們也一樣愛錢更勝自由與民主。習主席長的一點也不像小熊維尼。 本週三晚間10點,請準時收看我們的第300集動畫。 中國共產黨萬歲!預祝您今秋高粱豐收!我們這樣算和好了嗎中國?

South Park’s creators have responded with a mock apology to reports that China has censored the programme, ridiculing the country and comparing President Xi Jinping to Winnie the Pooh.


The “apology” from Trey Parker and Matt Stone comes after reports on Monday that China had scrubbed all episodes, clips and content related to South Park from all media platforms in response to a recent episode that was critical of the country.

南方公園在最近的一集中批判中國情勢,在上週一時下架了所有的媒體上所有與南方公園有關的節目內容及短片。南方公園的製作團隊Trey Parker 及 Matt Stone便發了一則道歉文。

The episode, called Band in China, took aim at what it portrayed as a tendency in US culture to adjust content to accommodate Chinese censorship laws. “It’s not worth living in a world where China controls my country’s art,” says one character in the episode.

最新的一集叫做Band in China 中國樂團,內容在描述美國文化開始調整內容以迎合中國的審查法規。南方公園其中一個角色在這集的內容裡面有說:「住在一個由中國來控制我們國家藝術創意的世界是很不值得的。」

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