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The Japanese Monk Delivery Service has left the Amazon platform.


In recent years Japanese families have turned to the Internet to find a Buddhist monk to perform funerals and memorial rituals. Since 2013, a service called “Obo-san bin,” i.e. “Mr Monk Delivery” has emerged. 近年來日本家庭開始到網路上去尋找僧侶服務,來處理親人的後事。從2013年起推出「和尚快遞(お坊さん便)」服務,派遣僧侶行業應運而生。

Monks are happy with the arrangement, which has increased its overall visibility. So are many Japanese. Buddhist-style memorial services offered by temples comparable to the ‘’Mr Monk delivery’ can cost as much as 100,000 yen (US$ 825). And full funeral services are much more expensive. A basic plan for monk, transportation and a donation offered by the Tokyo-based provider costs 35,000 yen (US$ 300).


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05 mar 2020


Mi piace

04 gen 2020

天啊!!!!在百靈果的網站上看到「收起來自己做,日本派遣僧侶業和亞馬遜說掰掰」 by 《收起來自己做,日本派遣僧侶業和亞馬遜說掰掰》這篇文章的原PO

Mi piace
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