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In Germany, Tampon is taxed at 19% as a luxury good. However, caviar, and truffles which are luxury goods are categorized as “daily necessity”. They are taxed at 7%. 

在德國,衛生棉條被視為奢侈品的一種,販售時必須課徵 19%的奢侈品增值稅。然而,魚子醬、松露等真正的奢侈商品卻是「日用品」,只需課徵 7%的普通增值稅。

To protest against this unfair tax regulation,  the Female Company, which sells organic sanitary products, decided to publish a book which includes tampons inside it because books are taxed at 7%. Released earlier this spring, the first print-run sold out in a day and the second in a week, said the publisher, with around 10,000 copies sold by the end of june.

為了抗議這項不平等的稅收政策,「女性公司」推出了《棉條書》,用書籍包裝衛生棉條,表面上賣的是增值稅只有 7%的書,其實賣的是藏在裡面的「奢侈品」棉條。這本書首刷才剛出版一天就銷售完畢,二刷出版一周就全數賣光,到六月底已售出一萬本。

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