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Parliament has officially been suspended for five weeks, with MPs not due back until October 14th


Amid unprecedented scenes in the Commons, some MPs protested against the suspension with signs saying "silenced" while shouting: "Shame on you." It comes after PM Boris Johnson's bid to call a snap election in October was defeated for a second time.

部分英國下議會的議員拿著「silenced被噤聲」的標語進行抗爭,大喊著「shame on you以你為恥」,這是過去在英國沒有看過的景象。亟欲提前大選的現任首相鮑里斯.強生(Boris Johnson),在休會前的最後議程中再次提出「解散國會」,要求在十月時重啟大選。 Opposition MPs refused to back it, insisting a law blocking a no-deal Brexit must be implemented first. A new law to avoid a no-deal exit has passed within a week. 解散國會的提案再次遭到在野黨封殺。在野黨反而提案頒布「防止無協議脫歐法案」,並在不到一週的時間內完成立法程序。

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