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Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam has announced the formal withdrawal of a controversial extradition bill that sparked months of protests. The Beijing-backed leader made the announcement in a pre-recorded televised statement on Wednesday.


The scrapping of the bill was one of the main demands of the pro-democracy movement in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory. Demonstrators have been calling for an independent inquiry into alleged police brutality and Lam's resignation, as well as for her to stop describing the protests as "rioting". 撤回送中條例是這次香港民主派運動的主要訴求之一。示威抗議者也要求要對暴警展開獨立調查,並要求林鄭月娥下台,呼籲她不應將抗議遊行定調為暴動。

But in her remarks, Lam said the government would not accept other demands, including the independent inquiry. Protesters have also called for the release of those detained without charges, but Lam said this was unacceptable.



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