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Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Police in Zimbabwe has banned a planned march by the country's main opposition in the city of Bulawayo, days after brutally dispersing protesters who defied a similar order in the capital.


Last Monday's now-banned protest, organised by the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), was over worsening economic conditions and the jailing of Chief Ndiweni, a known critic of President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

上週一的遊行是由辛巴威反對黨民主變革運動(The Movement for Democratic Change,MDC)所策劃,要求政府針對經濟議題,以及酋長Chief Ndiweni被捕做出回應。Chief Ndiweni曾大力批評現任總統姆南加瓦。

In a notice banning the demonstration, the police added: "Ordinary citizens in the country are experiencing hardships so any call for the demonstrations might be taken advantage of by the already agitated citizens and violence may erupt."


Police used batons, whips and tear gas to disperse the protesters, wounding several people. Dozens of people were arrested.



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